CHUMP Issue 2: If We Destroy All Evil // Single Issue //


Image of CHUMP Issue 2: If We Destroy All Evil // Single Issue //

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CHUMP Issue 2: If We Destroy All Evil.
An excerpt............
What the fuck do you mean you’re now working in the scumbag wasteland of PR? We need you. These mad dog bastards are waging open war on us and you’ve decided to hang up the gloves to go write bullshit media releases for the Uber of cat food. Are you fucked? The world doesn’t need another plastic solution to a meaningless problem. The icecaps are melting down and the small-hand man has his finger on the trigger. Free press is the nucleus of the revolution. You’re sipping on single serve Kroger coffee. Littering more nonsense into our overly polluted zeitgeist. You’ve abandoned ship to go make cash money, letting the rest of us rats drown. Johannes Gutenberg is decaying in his grave!

Featuring creative work by:
Danny Smith
Christophe Martinez
Jack Garland
Danielle Pollari
Charlie & Capt0

36 pages
Black and White
3.875" x 5"
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